Tik Tok Safety Hacks You Need To Know


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  • •Z0EY•B3•BOSTIN•
    •Z0EY•B3•BOSTIN•2 minutes ago

    ☹️😉😌🥔😌🥔😌😤👑🥔👑👑🥔😌😤👑👑😩👑😩😕🥔👑🙃✨😭 random emojis lmao

  • Josan Daniela
    Josan DanielaHour ago

    SSSnaper walf wen You scrim so lawd

  • Liz Meixner
    Liz MeixnerHour ago

    OK so if you ever see a fork with the two middle things broken off that means someone’s trying to break into your house please say safe

  • Katherine Curran
    Katherine Curran2 hours ago

    1:01 Does anyone know where I can get this keychain

  • Arianna Del Angel
    Arianna Del Angel5 hours ago

    Same I am very paranoid

  • zo Alm
    zo Alm12 hours ago

    Huge fan sniperwolf

  • Panda roblox !
    Panda roblox !14 hours ago


  • Dottie Mckeever
    Dottie Mckeever14 hours ago

    POV: a robber is watching this

  • ken cheng
    ken cheng14 hours ago

    Are you can just get the duck tape damn your hell up and then have someone to get get the scissors and that’s just padded

  • Rebecca Lancaster
    Rebecca Lancaster15 hours ago

    I only commented because I had a glitch on my screen

  • Purple Cow Potato Pleb YT
    Purple Cow Potato Pleb YT16 hours ago

    I lock

  • Maverick Radenslaben
    Maverick Radenslaben17 hours ago

    She kinda pretty

  • DarkCyrop YT
    DarkCyrop YT18 hours ago

    This works cause we have COVID 19 coming along and no one wants a sick person with COVID 19

  • America Diaz
    America Diaz18 hours ago

    Im going to Mexico with my brother and sister

  • America Diaz
    America Diaz18 hours ago

    My mom does the phone one but her case is clear

  • Starry Jelly
    Starry Jelly19 hours ago

    When I was a little kid and had a car seat I would any thing important under it I had an iPhone like a cheap one but I would hide it under my car seat to protect it

  • Sunshine & Sugar
    Sunshine & Sugar19 hours ago

    The hack for the truck drives like how the heck do you get back in your car if your on the outside of it and you do this hack?!?!

  • sam Stephenson-Bell
    sam Stephenson-Bell20 hours ago

    When I was 9 yr old I said to my “mum” saying “can we go home now I am really tired” then me and my REAL mum gave her a ride :) so all happy days

  • Cara Vo
    Cara Vo20 hours ago


  • Rainbow rain
    Rainbow rain20 hours ago

    2:07 he Tony stark now?

  • Multi_ Gamer.girl.x
    Multi_ Gamer.girl.x20 hours ago

    So we ain't gonna talk about on the truck driver one his window is smashed..?

  • Chioma Edosa
    Chioma Edosa20 hours ago

    She is so funny

  • UnicornGamesRoblox
    UnicornGamesRoblox21 hour ago

    It just takes one touch from a stranger for me to take out my belt bark at them and bite them

  • Amina Ayrula
    Amina Ayrula21 hour ago

    someone i know has a ring taser hehehe

  • Cookie Suarez
    Cookie Suarez22 hours ago

    I did the phone case hack and forgot it was there and blamed my brothers

  • Teddys Wonder World
    Teddys Wonder World22 hours ago

    My sis before bed she will go downstairs and check the backyard door and the front door EVERY NIGHT

  • Jessica Koshney
    Jessica Koshney22 hours ago

    Sorry time

  • Jessica Koshney

    Jessica Koshney

    22 hours ago

    When I was 8 I heard a door go like “jING JANGLY” im still freaked out

  • Jyoshna Priya Y
    Jyoshna Priya YDay ago

    Lia: hi guys it your favorite "messy hair" youtuber Me: wait ...she has messy hair??? Her hair looks so gorgeous😯😯😯😦😦😦😵😵😵

  • Thealas Thealas
    Thealas ThealasDay ago

    Girls getting adactive be like the girls you activated my trap card just goes ham like travis scott

  • Lynnette Olivia
    Lynnette OliviaDay ago

    sniper got me scared up in my room i done ran closed my door and grabbed my softball bat. lol

  • adi arbo
    adi arboDay ago


    JENNIE _EDITZDay ago

    I got one safety tip Ruuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • Salsabeel Faruk
    Salsabeel FarukDay ago

    I live in a apartment ,but the lock is small

    CHWONDERSDay ago


  • Allissa Quiroz
    Allissa QuirozDay ago

    my uncle was robbed they stole his gold chain and other expensive stuff and cut his arm with a knife it was really scary for them but they thought quick and hid their passports,phone, money and other stuff but their ok now

  • Brie brok
    Brie brokDay ago

    Somebody: *leaves rose on car* hehe she’s gonna love it! *watches for her* Girl: OH NO *runs away and calls cops* Somebody: 😐😕🤨🤨🤨? Uhhhh this is not the reaction I expected.....

  • Isabellatheoffical 13
    Isabellatheoffical 13Day ago

    ok so when it says lock all ur windows me thinking wait but what if your a celebrity wouldn't you have a very big house and as have like a lot of windows it would take u about maybe 2 hours to lock it all

  • Wolfy Gach club :3
    Wolfy Gach club :3Day ago

    U know the one we’re u said to yell at the top of your lungs then is roaring ok?

  • Wolfy Gach club :3

    Wolfy Gach club :3

    Day ago

    Bc I can

  • Colt Mclaughlin
    Colt MclaughlinDay ago

    I love you ❤️😘💕

  • bedtelyona
    bedtelyonaDay ago

    I mean my little brother could save us,Mabey put him on your shoulder and say”okayyy just scream on the top of your loungs..” I mean like he’s gonna listen to me ‘-‘

  • Quốc Thái
    Quốc TháiDay ago

    8:01 what a waste of glass cups!

  • Tiffany Nelson
    Tiffany NelsonDay ago

    Can’t we just aprseate that she calls us friends

  • Samantha Choke
    Samantha ChokeDay ago

    Lol I 8

  • Robert Herrera
    Robert HerreraDay ago

    and don't offer a ride to anyone feeling uncomfortable instead have a group of people stand by and call the police so they can take them home because it might be a trick kidnappers use so the person you you are giving a ride can try to kidnap you

  • Robert Herrera
    Robert HerreraDay ago

    i mean you should say every"one" not every girl not only girls get in dangerous situations :/

  • ABitOfXeltico


    16 hours ago

    I agree


    Wow the invisawear thingy could be actually kind of useful! Ya know, you never know when you're in that moment when you don't have your phone.

  • Khalifa Yousuf
    Khalifa YousufDay ago

    Everyone right now: Just in Case

  • Fatima Al-Ma'alwi
    Fatima Al-Ma'alwiDay ago

    I- i actually found a secret lock

  • Zoe Vlassopoulou
    Zoe VlassopoulouDay ago

    when you need pepper spray make it orang hehe

  • A & L
    A & LDay ago

    I have a two way mirror

  • roblox kid
    roblox kidDay ago


  • {Toga }
    {Toga }2 days ago

    Guys you need to subsribe to sssniper wolf bc she is the BEST

  • Bashbillions17
    Bashbillions172 days ago

    Someone threw a rock that our car window and now I know why they did it

  • 理子小島
    理子小島2 days ago

    know we know where lia hides her money...

  • ꧁ᴋᴀᴡᴀɪɪ ғᴏx꧂
    ꧁ᴋᴀᴡᴀɪɪ ғᴏx꧂2 days ago

    “Even Thanos is jealous” Me: he’s fictional.

  • Aeris Reyes
    Aeris Reyes2 days ago

    Robbers be like: wtching this video hehe now i know where is here stash

  • Thirdy games
    Thirdy games2 days ago


    MS VLOGS2 days ago

    0:47 this is why I have a digital lock

  • Addy Gman
    Addy Gman2 days ago

    My bro and I saw a zombie he was coughing every second he started following us and we acted way more sicker then the guy and left us alone

  • rose6217
    rose62172 days ago

    if you guys have a dog and your gone get out in the night then bring your dog it will smell a person following you and mite bite if some one is grabing you it also mite bark wich will draw atention

  • Flame of Mage
    Flame of Mage2 days ago

    I would stop if someone threw an Eggo at my car... also this has made me very paranoid.

  • -Xxboba_ TeaXx-
    -Xxboba_ TeaXx-2 days ago

    Wow good tips😂 idiot

  • RulzdudesGames
    RulzdudesGames2 days ago

    9:12 wow

  • cutefox wolfgirl
    cutefox wolfgirl2 days ago


  • Dylan Temple
    Dylan Temple2 days ago

    All these safety tips for girls and men go and go extinct

  • Samantha Etheridge
    Samantha Etheridge2 days ago

    Rober: throws a CAT AT MY CAR WINDSHIELD CAT: ALIVE HAHAHA me: drives with hand out grabs cat keeps driving and boom i have a free cat for pet 😊 HA WELL GOOD TRY

  • Retro
    Retro2 days ago

    I have a security lock on all my doors and a motion sensor but I got the security after my house got shot sooooo yeah

  • boy Friend UwU
    boy Friend UwU2 days ago


  • JiKook
    JiKook2 days ago

    When it said Emergency Contacts I went to my contacts then I added people to my Emergency

  • asmma musleh
    asmma musleh2 days ago

    I saw a tik tok where they put a water bottle on the windshield and then she came and then a person came and stole her purse

  • Jordan Parker
    Jordan Parker2 days ago

    I can't hide money in my dad's phone case cause it's clear

  • Rayan Alhaw
    Rayan Alhaw2 days ago

    The key thing I trade in never ever worked on my door so I’m fine

  • Shafiullah Akila
    Shafiullah Akila2 days ago

    Messy hair USplanr...haha She would be like "oh it's morning.! Let's make a video then I would brush my teeth "

  • Bhakti's good life
    Bhakti's good life2 days ago


    SOFIA LEDESMA2 days ago

    The apartment one don’t work

  • Sleepy 眠いです
    Sleepy 眠いです2 days ago

    Me face-to-face to a mountain lion *start singing opera*

  • Tyr Arnason
    Tyr Arnason2 days ago

    Hi I’m sorry I just saw your vid and did not coomme

  • Keirin Marimuthoo
    Keirin Marimuthoo2 days ago

    I ᗯᗩᑎᑎᗩ TᖇY ᔕOᗰᗴ Oᖴ Tᕼᗩᗴᔕᗴ

  • Saiki Kusuo
    Saiki Kusuo2 days ago

    Also a wire on a car is easy to spot and track if the kidnapper is following them to there home

  • Rose Rise
    Rose Rise3 days ago

    I lock my doors sometimes but my mom dose not like it when I lock the doors

  • SkittlesIn3D Gaming
    SkittlesIn3D Gaming3 days ago

    Bro with those nails she got she doesn't need any of those self defense tools

  • Caleb Brooks
    Caleb Brooks3 days ago

    They need to make a police alarm braclet for men so it don’t look so girly and someone needs to make that key ring with all the stuff for men too bc it’s almost all stylish for women

  • cloud wolf-123
    cloud wolf-1233 days ago

    But wait actualy, if they find the phone and DROP it they find the cash stash too sooo yea

  • Poppy love Bunny
    Poppy love Bunny3 days ago

    It did not work for me🤧😩

  • punxxi
    punxxi3 days ago

    cars for the last however many years now, have trunk releases in them!

  • • Tropical Moon Gacha •
    • Tropical Moon Gacha •3 days ago

    0:31 / omg I’m so glad that both my parents apartment doesn’t need a lock 🔒 it used some time of like, sensor thing?

  • Honeybee_ gaming
    Honeybee_ gaming3 days ago

    I bit a Weird man grabbing me

  • Lemon\\Berryꕥ
    Lemon\\Berryꕥ3 days ago

    Me: The quiet kid Also me: I want that “pen”

  • Living with leilah Davis
    Living with leilah Davis3 days ago

    Who else thought that the lady said don’t turn your back to a mountain lion looked like one like she really looks like one like this comment if you see it

  • Gucci girl
    Gucci girl3 days ago

    I have Messi hair to

  • Gilliany V.
    Gilliany V.3 days ago

    What is is when u cant see a gap in the mirror?

  • Nina Johnson
    Nina Johnson3 days ago

    Nah just play the HI SISTERS video

  • Al3xandria XxMINTxX
    Al3xandria XxMINTxX3 days ago

    When my dad was talking to me about not to go far away and i said that if somebody takes me I will hit them in the face 😂

  • EREn yEAGer
    EREn yEAGer3 days ago

    1:16 ive read enough bl to know that aint no window breaker :D

  • Sydney Slavet
    Sydney Slavet3 days ago

    Lea:if you see anything on your car do not approach it Me: *sees bird poop on moms car* mom do not approach it

  • Bandy2x Is a qt
    Bandy2x Is a qt3 days ago

    I hide my money in my under wear

  • Kelly Stricklan-Gates
    Kelly Stricklan-Gates3 days ago

    My eyes they be weird I can stare at something for like 2 minutes and not blink E. So I’m safe with the mountain lions. 1:40

  • black teddy bear
    black teddy bear3 days ago

    sssniperwolf I'm sorry i stopped watching this video because this creep me out lol

  • Sara
    Sara3 days ago

    im thankful for covid cause now if my mum come to pick me up no one can kidnap me cause i walk to her car they dont com to us

  • Heidi Costa
    Heidi Costa3 days ago